Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Type Of Bumble Bee Is This, Read Description?

This Bee Looks Like A Bumble Bee But Has A Tail Fanned Out Like A Humming Bird And Flys Like A Humming Bird (Rapid Wing Motion), Hovering Movement, Its Yellow And Black Was Seen In A Flower Feild In The Mountains Of W.V.What Type Of Bumble Bee Is This, Read Description?
I'm not sure what you saw, whether it was a species of bee or in fact a one of the clearwing sphinx moths in the genus Hemaris, family Sphingidae.

The most common species is H. diffinis, the snowberry clearwing. The largest species likely to be seen is H. thysbe, the ';hummingbird moth.'; One other common species is the nessus sphinx, Amphion floridae, which resembles a wasp more than a bee.

I've given you two links, one being a guide to the various bumblebees, the other is a great guide where you can find many other types of insects... both have great photos of each of the species.What Type Of Bumble Bee Is This, Read Description?
It might have been a kind of moth that mimics hummingbirds.

Lemme look it up...鈥?/a>

Is it a ';hawkmoth';?
It may not be a bumblebee at all, but a form of mimicry.

Syrphid flies look like bumblebees from a distance.

They have only one set of wings.

A bee has two sets of wings.

A fly has two body segments; a bee has three.

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