Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How are bumble bees able to fly?

The myth that bumble bees should not be able to fly is still strong although totally wrong.

It is true that if you built a plane based on the dimensions of a bumble be it would not fly - buy this would not account for the lift given by the beating of the wings.

Bumble bees can fly because they have evolved the ability of flight in accordance with the laws of physics.How are bumble bees able to fly?
very well thanxz Honey !!! NOW fuzz oFF you bumbling pizz taking BuzzturdzzHow are bumble bees able to fly?
Hello; They have wings!
are you serious??
This is the type of awkward question that children ask.

I thought they (frantically) beat their wings so fast that it could not be measured properly. I will have to look this up now.

(Frantically is a human term, it is just the way they evolved.)
';They are not supposed to be able to!'; or so people say.

I would suggest it's a limitation with the equations used in our modelling of the bees flight. These equations were originally designed for modelling the flight of fixed wing aircraft and don't scale down.

The general rule of thumb is, if you see a bee flying, it's probably capable of flight.
rapid wing movement
Because they don't spend their time studying physics =]
they really don't.........they hover......
They understand the concept of anti-gravity. The wings are only for steering.
Once upon a time science of aerodynamics calculated that it was impossible for a bumble bee to fly.

Since then, they have discovered flaws in the science, in particular, the power of vortexes.
wings and fast movement.
They drink Red Bull !!
Nobody knows, aerodynamically they are not supposed to be able to.

The saying is ';They fly, because they do not know how not to';.
Because they are small and have wings
they av wings. what kinda question is that? lol. what i dont get is why do bees have stings to protect them when they die if they sting anyway? hmmm
By flapping there little wings very very fast.
they have this thing called wings

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