Monday, June 21, 2010

Why is it that if you put a bumble bee in the freezer til its frozen it comes out alive?

I saw this on tv! also how does a bumble bee fly ?Why is it that if you put a bumble bee in the freezer til its frozen it comes out alive?
They're hard! also, using the most basic of models to represent the bee it is not possible for the bee to fly but once you refine the model and take into acount their remarkable ability to use their turbulance to help them fly (around 50% more efficent than effort alone) it is possible to demonstrate that not only do bees obey the laws of aerodynamics but that they exploit them ingeniously.Why is it that if you put a bumble bee in the freezer til its frozen it comes out alive?
oh and i like the antifreeze answers too, if I could give you 5 points I would Report Abuse

Suspended animation?
Turn off the tv.
beacause they are flying about fast so the ice cant get to them
This is a good example of the power, or indeed danger, of the shared word, and modern media. Im trying this, at next opportunity, at the expence of (bee's) life.
Why would you want to do that to a bee, how sadistic
i'm not really sure but i know that a fly is the same way... they must have some kind of anti freeze in them that helps them stay live through the winter...
the frezzer doesnt kill it it just slowes its body down so when it is taken out its body speeds up.

its like criogenic freezing in people.

it flies using its wings.
i agree with peridot - that is sadistic but it is probley to do with the bee slowing down its heartrate in order to survive - i'm glad it did!
Oh God! Half the nation's freezers will be full of bumble bees tomorrow!
Clearly that is no a bumblebee but a little animatron that looks like one.

Or, what could also be the case, is that is is a tiny alien that looks like a bumblebee by baffling coincidence, but is in fact an alien from some distant ice-covered planet that merely fled into the freezer to survive.

In that case it would fly by using a jetpack.
yeah but howd u get bee int freezer int 1st place?
dunno, but if you put a wasp in a dishwasher on a normal cycle (dishwasher cycle, not a bike...) it comes out black and white not yellow and white.

oh yeah, it also comes out dead.
bees hibernate in winter, very simimalr to the ways certain frogs do. By freezing themselves and living (barely) in a comatose state. When their body thaws they spring back to life as if nothing happened, bees certain frogs and some other animals can produce a sort of antifreeze in their blood and organs that allows it to survive in winter.
They keep themselves warm enough by flapping their wings just enough. Leave the little bugger in there for a fortnight and see if he still lives

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