Monday, June 21, 2010

What is bumble foot in hamsters?

I think that is what is wrong with my hamster but I don't know what it is or how do you treat it?What is bumble foot in hamsters?
Well bumblefoot is caused by either wire flooring or the bedding is unclean.Though simply by getting a scratch on the bottom of it foot that bled slightly %26amp; he got an infection in it can cause this. In rabbits this is called Sore Hocks(Pododermatitis). In severe cases %26amp; if lest un treated the animal can unfortunately lose its leg,so its important to treat it fast.Heres a site to fullly explain it %26amp; tell you how to treat it.鈥?/a>

I know it for rats but i couldn't find a hamster site for bumblefoot.

Hope this helps %26amp; he get better soon! xxxWhat is bumble foot in hamsters?
the hampster porbabulee doesnt get nuff CRACK!
Why don't you just google it.
The best/safest thing to do is go to the vet. =]

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