Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If a bumble bee flies into someone's head does it die?

Me and my friends are having a debate on whether or not a bumble bee would die if it bumped into your head. Me and Abby say no, but Noah says yes. Please help :)If a bumble bee flies into someone's head does it die?
A bumble bee will NOT die if it bumps into your head.

First off, a bumble bee cannot fly fast enough in a straight line direction to kill itself, whether it hits your head or a brick wall, or whatever. This is why you do not find lots of dead bumble bees

lined up next to walls. If a bumble bee does happen to run into your head, its probably just very depressed and trying to commit suicide.

But it won't succeed for the second reason:

the bumble bee has a natural built-in

shock absorber in the form of its fuzzy bristle 'coat'. This helps it to bounce off of objects that it bumps into, with scarcely a bent


Now, if you shoot the bumble bee out of a gun at high speed towards a person, similar to the way a circus performer is shot out of a cannon, then maybe it could get injured. Maybe even killed. But then you would have to deal with the bee's

angry surviving relatives, and you definitely don't want that.If a bumble bee flies into someone's head does it die?
If it flies into a moving car it will die, but not if it flies into a person's head. Momentum = mass x velocity. A bumble bee flies very slowly, and it is very light weight, so it has very little momentum when it hits someone's head. If a car is moving, then it has a lot of momentum, since it is very heavy and it is traveling at high speed. Therefore when a bee collides with a moving car it will die. A car at rest, however, has zero momentum, so a bee will not die if it runs into a car in the parking lot.
It depends on how hard it hit your head. Their body is very fragile, so if it hit your head or anything hard it could kill them, either because of the shock, or because of brain damage. Bumble Bees don't die when they sting so there has to be some way for the population to go down, so I would say there is a better chance they would die then not. Hope this helps. Sorry for not siding with you.
hmm, a bee wouldnt die if it flew into your head. but- if it stung you when it hit your head, then it would die.

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